The Black South comes alive and is shone new in these poems—our grandmothers’ very existence shimmers; their bodies held up in sacred homage in the sure hands of Cynthia Parker-Ohene. —Crystal Wilkinson, author of Perfect Black: Poems and The Birds of Opulence

Ohene speaks from that rupture with righteous derision and humor, though the speaking is more akin to an incantation that reanimates those Black stories lost in the slip of time. —Taylor Johnson, author of Inheritance

Daughters of Harriet is a work of deep remembrance and song-craft, drawing innovative poetic language from the luminous, multidimensional network of Black consciousness. —Kiki Petrosino, author of White Blood: A Lyric of Virginia and Witch Wife

I cannot imagine a future without the canonization of these poems. —Tongo Eisen-Martin, author of Blood on the Fog and Heaven Is All Goodbyes

Daughters of Harriet is both praise song and eulogy, as Parker-Ohene explores the continuum of Black women’s survival. —Chet’la Sebree, author of Field Study and Mistress

Harriet Tubman makes the bone of this book. She is the embodiment of ancestry, the “trace and aura in the head of my head.” —CM Burroughs, author of Master Suffering

Here is history and its pocketful of receipts. —Lauren K. Alleyne, author of Difficult Fruit and Honeyfish

— I won’t flee. Sometimes flight is not an option. —

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